November 22nd, 2011, 6:43 am

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Xenocide, November 22nd, 2011, 6:55 am     Reply

Howdy. Xenocide here, with another batch of sprites just in case anybody cared. Which they don't.

Here we have ACCURATE ANTAFUR. Antafur was simply the furry version of Antavious when I came up with him(the original sprite being the one closest to the middle on the right). He was fluffy, adorable, wore my cardinal colours of black and blue, and loved chasing bugs. No, seriously. He was a retarded Hybrid-crossbreed-WHATSIT of a Lion and a Wolf, who's vocabulary consisted mostly of the word 'BUG!!'

Anyways, that was not the INTENDED design of him, in truth. The original design was far much darker, with a lot more backstory.

Accurate Antafur is, as is noticeable, a LOT more vicious looking. He has insanely sharp/elongated claws, on hands and feet, thus giving him a more wild appearance. This is due to him being raised as a 'Hunter.' Hunters are genetically modified Furs that are trained simply to kill. Not assassinate, just kill. Brutally. Viciously. Efficiently. They will do whatever it takes to take down their designated target, and will not shy away from even doing it in public in broad daylight.

As is obviously noticeable, Accurate Antafur's eyes are quite different from his reduced form. Even in his reduced form, Antafur has his 'Bloodlust' mode, which simply makes him much more violent, and much more prone to violent tendencies. Accurate Antafur is always in Bloodlust mode. It is a forced state, due to being a Hunter, as it makes them much more efficient in their job.(Side note: It does not increase speed, power, reaction time, it simply makes the induced victim much more violent than they would normally be.)

Antafur's appearance does not blatantly differ from his reduced form, it seems. His fur is a bit more wild, and his clothes are a bit more tattered, but that is all. HOWEVER: His clothes themselves are the important thing here. What he is wearing is a Hunter Uniform, which is only given to those who have survived 10+ years as a Hunter. However, his is modified. The three rings on each sleeve coincide with the amount of force he is allowed to use. When one ring turns grey, he is allowed to use a large amount of extra force to remove his prey. When two rings turn grey, he is allowed to ignore minimal civilian casualties to remove his prey. When all three rings turn grey, he is allowed to butcher as many civilians as need be to remove his prey.

Anyways, everything on here(besides Sonic) is 100% custom by me, Antavious/Xenocide. Dark Oak, Reduced Antafur, and Sonic TH are simply there for size references. <33333 Antafur is 100% owned by me in every possible way, minus copyrights and shit like that.


I am now a co-author of a new sprite showcase. I know what you're thinking: "But, Xenocide! Co-author sprite showcases are full of noobs, and aren't monitored well! Even the ones that claim to be for the elite, such as The Spriters Showcase 3.0, quickly succumb to noobs and half-assed sprites!"

I have just joined .:Defenders of the Arts:., my friends. Hosted by my good friend, Alpha, who has recently rejoined SJ.(Go check him out, he's making a Mario fancomic called Green With Envy, looks very promising! )

DotA is exclusively for those who are experts in their field. Be it pixel artistry, to music, to traditional art, to flash animations, to anything in-between! Sad to say, there aren't many out there these days who're up to our standards. ^^;

Anyways, I urge you to go fave, and if you think yourself good enough, JOIN, this showcase. I assure you, we aren't going to be half-assed in who we let in.

P.S.: No offense to the less-than-qualified pixel artists out there. Our only is that you'll progress to become as good as you possibly can be, and when you do, join DotA. ^^;

Advertisement, July 16th, 2018, 11:04 pm     Reply

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